Snowboarding Is For Everyone - Dominic Kelsey

Snowboarding Is For Everyone

By Dominic Kelsey

  • Release Date: 2015-02-21
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


 Snowboarding Is For Everyone aims to educate and explain how accessible and enjoyable snowboarding really is to all. 

Uncover essential tips and practical guidance on:

Choosing the correct snowboarding gear
Rider safety
Anatomy of a snowboard 
Kids snowboards
Women and snowboarding
Physical fitness and exercise for men, women and children
Step by step lessons for beginners
Gaining confidence on the slopes
Skill improvement
snowboarding jargon and slang
And more!


Build confidence on the slopes with step by step instructions

Beginners will learn the basics with 9 easy to follow lessons which describe snowboarding stance, mounting your snowboard, turning and how to traverse.

Are you planning a snowboarding holiday with your family?

Prepare for your trip with suitable information that is catered for anyone taking up the wonderful activity of snowboarding. Guidance on fitness for kids to board styles for women and men is provided. 

The sport of snowboarding is a fantastic activity and the author makes snowboarding accessible to men, women and children a like, whether you are a total beginner or keen to sharpen up your technique. Learn the skills that you need to become competent and be aware of the information you need to stay safe on the slopes.